Camz V.2 goes Responsive

I designed and developed my website 3 years ago, and it’s not a good excuse to say that I had been busy to my full-time job and freelance projects that’s why I wasn’t able to update my personal website/portfolio.

I received few comments about my website and most of them are:

  • “You got an annoying sidebar that sticks on the left side…”
  • “I hate that when I visit on my mobile, I can’t even read properly the content because of your annoying sidebar..”
  • “I like the idea of your website, but can you make it responsive?”
  • “Hey Cam, I glanced to your website, it’s good to maintain the minimalist design, but I feel like it’s too old school, isn’t it? I mean in terms of not being able to adopt to new mobile technology?”
  • “Can you write more articles? haha..”

So here’s the update. The current status of my v.2 is at 50%. Design wise, I retain the concept on v.1, but usability, I enhanced a bit. Development? I need to re-code my blog to make it dynamic 😀

Camz v.2 Coming Soon!
Camz v.2 Coming Soon!

This v.2 will be fully responsive, meaning, it can be viewed to different screen-size and works to all major browsers from IE9++, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Let me tell you a bit about CAMZHOT.
The colour scheme, style and typography reflects to the personality of (me) as owner of the website. It has a huge impact on our emotions and other aspects of a well being. As you can see, Black, White and Red are the shades of my website.

There is a meaning why I picked these colours. Red because it simply reflects to me that I am aggressive, associated with passion, love, sexuality, enthusiasm, life, determination and anything that is strong. It is also linked to the most primitive physical, emotional, and financial needs of survival which explains that I am a freelancer, that in-spite of my full-time job, I also do side line jobs to support my family.

Red also represent both cupid and the devil which I think it’s matched with Black and White colour. In Asia, specifically Chinese, there’s this symbol called Yin-Yang. A round symbol that is equally divided into 2 colours. Yin is the black, while Yang is the white. Basically it explains that no matter how bad(black colour) the person is, there is a good inside of them. Same as a good person, they have an evil side.

And most of all, I believe in the saying that:
“If you think facts or situations are black and white, you have a simple and very certain opinion about them, often when other people think they are really more complicated.”

You might also ask why
Before I bought my domain, I was playing an online game with my friends and we discussed about what domain should I name my website? We ended up pointing out my hobby and what I like most. So we ended up to:

Why CamzHot?
Why CamzHot?

It was actually CamzShot. After a year, I forgot to renew, so the domain has been locked and I can’t get it anymore.

CamzShot forms a weird sound and make people think what is really inside that website? Attracts attention and gives people a curiosity. To sum it up, the design of my website is plain and simple. In short, minimalistic style. Nothing fancy and glamorous.

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