New York Countdown (Story 3)

December 4: Me and my friend decided that I am the only one going to New York since our ticket is non-refundable, so there is no point of cancelling it. Based on our understanding from a call center in Emirates, there is a “eRefund Voucher” feature on “My Dashboard” account from their website. This will cancel the flight and will make it as a voucher where we can use it for future bookings. But it’s not the function. It will refund your whole ticket automatically without any levels of confirmation.

I filled up all the necessary fields on their web form and submitted it. I received a copy to my email stating an acknowledgement that they received our request and will take an action as soon as possible. For me, I had been waiting for an email confirmation or any sort of call from the airlines, but I didn’t get any.

So, by December 6: I called their hotline to make a clarification that I only want to cancel my friend’s flight and use it for future bookings. We also discussed and agreed that there would be a cancellation fee of 100$ + if we want to make it as an open ticket, it’s gonna be another +100$ which is valid for 1 year. Once, we’re ready for booking, a rebooking fee of $200 will be charged. We really agreed with the penalty fees instead of losing the ticket for nothing.

The Emirates customer care asked me also many times if I will only do this for my friend.. I said YES many times. “Yes, I want to cancel my <friend’s name>’s flight and I am the only one traveling.”, “Yes, we agree to pay the penalty fee.”

After all the 35-minutes talk, I feel relieved because my concern was addressed properly and resolved immediately. So it is confirmed that I am the only one traveling.

December 9: I was talking to my housemate about what happened to my friend, and then that night, I was trying to show off the ticket online… Unfortunately, BOTH OF OUR TICKETS were gone. I am on panic mode and I really want to cry. I called the hotline and it really crushed my heart of what I heard from the agent. He said that my booking is no longer active and they can’t do anything about it. The flight has been cancelled and processed the refunds.

I had been yelling and explaining to him about what happen but they insist of “I suggest that you should just buy a new ticket. We can’t do anything from your old booking.” – Really!!?! Oh my fucking gawd! It’s really stressful and at the same time, very heart breaking. The Emirates agent said that I made a refunds from December 4 and they processed it. I been insisting him about what happened to my December 6 call? It has been ignored? How come that their system didn’t know my logs and previous transactions? When it comes to money sucking – they are very alert… but when it comes to customer’s complaint or flight problems, – they don’t just give a fuck to help you!

I even lodge a police report in Clementi Singapore wherein it’s near my place. Police told me that they are sorry of what happened but they cannot do anything about it. But then, they referred me to Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE). It is the local consumer watchdog aiming to inform, educate and protect consumers. I also lodge a complaint, and they said they can’t guarantee to process it within a week especially that my intended flight is coming soon, so I must be patient about the complaint procedures.

I cannot take it. I can’t help it. By December 11, I bought another ticket to Emirates and my flight was moved and the stay is prolonged. Emirates made such an injustice action that really made me upset. Even my friend too. We both lose money. It’s not what we intend to happen. They fucked us up.

After all the things happened to me and my friend…. I don’t know if my vacation would be alright. I don’t know.

New York Countdown (Story 2)

It has been a week since the last time I post about our unexpected trip to USA. Unfortunately, my friend won’t be able to come with me. It’s freaking long story. I feel sad and at the same time, my excitement fades away. He’ll be going back to Philippines instead.

I am on my own now. I really thank to the people who will accompany during my stay in USA thought almost all the time, I’ll be traveling alone like – touring around, take photographs and shit. I am also a bit scared for the New Year’s Eve countdown. I really want to go to Time Square so bad to witness the big city welcoming year 2014. Different people, different opinions: some say it’s not a good idea to go there and wait for almost 8-9hours just for a 10 seconds event. I know it’s gonna be very cold and tiring, and if you leave your spot in Time Square, it will be taken by groups. I do not know what will happen to be there, but I hope I would enjoy it.

Going back to my last blog. There’s actually a lot of miserable things happened to me and my friend – especially the cancellation of our ticket due to some wrong understanding of usage in Emirate’s website and not-synchronized transaction from their customer care hotline.

November 29: Me and my friend had our own appointment. I went to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA Singapore) to apply for Permanent Residency.  Even-though I know it’s very tough to get a PR status here in Singapore, I just don’t care. Who knows? While my friend went to USA Embassy for his B1/B2 VISA application. Same day, he got the result and it’s approved. We’re both fucking excited and our face were glowing and started to plan about our Christmas and NYE vacation.  We even bought winter wears and a boots.

My friend bought a ticket from Emirates Airlines and we’re soooooo damn excited! At last! – Our vacation will be great this year. Different country, different place and another experience.

December 2: Monday afternoon, the USA Embassy suddenly called my friend to his office. He told me that he is very nervous and scared because the Embassy wants him to go back for an appointment this coming Wednesday. I, too, scared and get worried.

December 4: Wednesday, my friend said that his VISA is already printed and ready for delivery, but there’s something wrong with his application and the consulate decided to cancel it. It is actually really depressing because of what they did to my friend’s passport. They tapped a blank stamp with a capslock word: “CANCELLED” many times as if he is a criminal or an ex-convict. His other friends too were shocked of what they did. It’s not good to see. What if he goes to another country, the immigration will see “US VISA – CANCELLED”. It looks awful and they will have a bad impression to my friend.

However, I will not disclose the reason why his VISA got cancelled. It’s way too confidential.

Moving on..

Our plans shattered into pieces and we’re both brokenhearted due to what happen.

Am I still going? or what?

New York Countdown (Story 1)

I am so much excited to celebrate my Christmas and New Year in New York. Me and my friend will be leaving Singapore on 22nd of December, then connect our flight via United Arab Emirates, and we’re arriving to JFK afternoon on 23rd of December. Though it’s not my first time to be away from my family during this holiday, but I feel like it’s my first time because everything is different. The place, – people, – weather and most of all, it’s approximately 9,537.74 miles away from my place.

I also live in a tropical country, so I am not really used to a negative degree temperature. So far, the coldest place that I had been was last November 2012. We went to Hong Kong and Macau and I already got chilled to the bone in 12 degree – Celsius. Yeah right I am too weak.

It’s really fun to travel: getting to know the places, meet new set of friends, and take memorable photographs in popular landmarks. Me and my friend’s dream is the New York’s New Year countdown. I think it’s amazing especially for a tourist and for me – I grew up from an economically disadvantaged country. I feel so lucky because I have a chance to go back and forth to USA – thanks to Intel Computer Clubhouse, you are the reason why  🙂

Forever like this

Here we go again. The undying #ForeverAlone moment.
The last time I mentioned about my #AssumingLoveLife was 3 months ago.
Here I am, still the same. Nothing change, and I think it would be forever like this.
It’s 1:49AM, Saturday… just an ordinary midnight. Silent night. Noisy fan. Everyone is sleeping and I’m the only one awake. I’ve been looking myself at the mirror –crying. Asking myself a dumb question “why?”.
My chest is aching.

People think that I am really a jolly person. I know and they know that I leave a mark on their face -smile and laughters. I made them happy through my funny real stories and jokes. I look confident, well I think I am. I boost their self esteem by sharing insights that I can possibly give.

It’s really true that: The happiest person are the ones who are the deeply brokenhearted.
After all the gratefulness to my friends, behind it, there’s a mourning soul seeking for love and affection.

I think, all of them are just really the same. Always end in broken promises, full of hopes and dreams, in the end, never gonna happen. Forever like this.

Couples around – some are happy, some are fighting.

But me, I’m broken and empty for the last 5 years. Still trying to stand on my own and think out of the box. I can still be happy and contented of what I am and what I have, but then, I’m always incomplete. I don’t know how I can really elaborate my feelings in a perfect details. I don’t know.

2:10AM. I only hear the fan’s noise. I’m dying inside.

Untitled. Well, about life.

Before I lost my thoughts again from writing stuffs to share, I’ll type random keywords to make me stay on track.

Life. problems. sickness. health. family. money. rumors. around us. alone. stay. friends. advice. love. pain. age. span.

These words are the reason why I am writing this blog. I went out earlier with my friends to watch movie marathon of Despicable Me 1 and 2. After that, we stroll and had a chance to talk about serious things in life. During our conversation, I realized that I am not the only one who have such serious problems with family. We are not alone. You are not alone. Even King and Queen have problems too. Each one of us have its own stories. So do not think that you’re the only unfortunate human being.

Every night, before I sleep, (not being emo), I cry all the things that comes from my head. First, because of my appearance, next is because of my health, then my family, and the money, the people around me, then being alone, that I need love, that my heart is aching, and so on and so forth. Everyday we struggle from work, from the people we deal with, and those expenses to keep us surviving.

At age of 21, I started to work as an “OFW” also known as “Overseas Filipino Worker”. I think I am really on my own even when I am studying in college. I have circle of friends, but I still mind my own business. I’m a very independent person; I can do things on my own because I believe that family, friends and other people can give you a best advice or a moral support that will make you inspired, but in the end, it’s still your decision. No other people can help you except yourself. It’s all about YOU.

I talked to my grandma in USA few hours ago. I discovered so many things that a mature person should know. I feel sad of what’s happening around my family. It made me think of how am I going to help them financially. My dad has a serious problem with his heart, and it needs a nanogram or whatever it called, I really totally forgot. It’s something has to do with the blockage of heart. Sorry for the term. Anyways, lets’ move on. But yeah. My parents are old and they have health problems. I know they don’t want to stress me and obliged too much because I’m still young. That they understand I just recently graduated from college, (well I don’t know if it’s still exempted because that was year 2011). They want me to enjoy life. But still, my conscience is eating me up. I want to help them. I love them. They are precious to me. They are priceless. No one can replace them. They are the reason why I am here right now. How I wish I could turn everything possible in one blink of eye. I want them to witness my success and my future family. That we are a happy family.

It was 4years ago since I broke up with my serious ex-boyfriend due to some serious problems. We can’t get along, even we really try so hard. It’s too tough and we can’t hold on anymore. So we have to give up and move on. I’ve been single after that, and I am still looking for love and affection. Though sometimes I am happy, but still, there’s something incomplete. I had dated different guys, but it failed. So much heartaches, so much lies, so much pain.

Right now, it’s 3:51 AM, and I still have a dilemma in my situation. Well, I am going to meet this guy from Turkey whom I used to know in an online game. We had been e-dating, chatting in skype, calling via phone calls, and spending moments in a virtual game. We decided to meet and planned to see each other this coming August, but due to some document problems, I have to wait for the completion of his documents to be submitted for my VISA application. I’m really hoping that everything would be alright and smooth. I also don’t know what will happen to me there. I’m closing my eyes hoping that he’s the right one, but who knew? I really don’t have any idea. Will he like me? Will his attitude change in real life? Will he accept who I am. Will he stay with me? Will he love me completely? Will he??? Sometimes I am scared. I feel like my heart is crushing and telling myself that I am so desperate yearning for love. But I think, I really need him. Maybe I am too lonely? Maybe I need a companion?

I don’t know if there are people who are reading my blog. But I am very thankful if you are one of them and lending your time to browse through. I really appreciate it. I have so many things that I’d really love to share. It’s just when I type, I don’t know where to start, but I have the idea. Maybe there’s something wrong with my grammar. I’d like to write a book. Full of stories and inspirational words. Maybe someday.

Rampant Rabbit [R21]

Note: This post is intended for those open minded people only. If you do not like the content, it’s your fault that you continuously read this. Thank you 🙂

As for my birthday gift for myself I bought a new sex toy… and I am soo excited when I opened it. It’s kinda bigger than my current toy (Climax Gem). I think this one has more sensational feeling and it’s called Rabbit Vibrator.

Rabbit vibrator (also known as a Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator) is a vibrating and rotating sex toy made in the shape of a phallus with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft. source


I bought it around SGD 89 or (UD 69.79) at Discreetly Sex Toys (Adult Online Store in Singapore). The delivery is so fast and it’s the same day doorstep delivery (2-5pm or 5-8 pm). However, there’s a condition:
* Payment received before 9am will be delivered on the same day after 2pm.
* Payment received after 9am will be delivered the next day.

Product Description
This is The Rotating One, a sensational Rampant Rabbit that moves like no other!

Powerful, smooth and flexible, this is a vibrator that promises to satisfy and excite as the metal beads in the shaft rotate in every direction. With 7 vibrating settings in the clit stim and 3 functions in the penis-like shaft, you’ll quickly find the perfect orgasmic setting that’s suited to you as you control everything from the buttons at the base. Formerly known as the Platinum Plus, it’s also totally waterproof and very quiet.

The Rotating One has an insertable length of almost 6 inches, so is suitable for Rampant Rabbit beginners and connoisseurs too. It’s also totally latex free.

Rampant Rabbit – SIMPLY THE BEST

The original world-famous Rampant Rabbit family, exclusively at Ann Summers.

Ann Summers set out to select the highest quality sex toys in the world – the best materials, the best designs, the best technology – and we bring them to you right here, in the Pleasure Emporium.

Battery Type : 3 x AA (not included)
Brand : Ann Summers
Diameter : 0-1 inch
Features : Rotates
Features : Waterproof
Length : 5-7 inches
Vibrating Functions : 7 Ear functions – 3 Shaft functions
Material : PVC/ABS

A Lonely Freedom

My dad is very strict. He doesn’t want me to go anywhere without his permission. He monitors my time and asks me so many questions just to make sure the place I am going and the people who will be going with me is safe.

I was so stubborn and I always wanted to have a freedom to do whatever I want to do. Unfortunately, I’m still under my parent’s house. I have to obey the rules and play safe: Make white lies to cover up my mistakes and for the short period of time, I could enjoy it. I understand that I am still studying and my parents doesn’t want me to have a fucked up life. They just want me to finish my degree, get a job, earn, spend it wisely and have fun.

During my college years, I’m a bum student. I’m in a rush to graduate. I always count the days remaining, the subjects to be taken in each semester. But the more you make things faster, the more you make mistakes and I failed a lot of subjects that time. I know I am not one of the cream of the crop, but due to my eagerness, I always find a way to get what I want. Got some side line jobs and community involvement to make myself busy after school. This is a part of me that even I don’t memorize a book and concentrate with the engineering formulas, I could still achieve what I wanted in my life even in a small way. Although my parents doesn’t trust me, from this kind of experience, I learned how to cope on my own problems. Deal with it and clean my mess.

I should be proud of myself because it’s all about tactics/strategy and how I deal people around me.

After getting my degree, I was able to find a job overseas and immediately fly away from my country and live alone. As a result, I can do whatever shit I want to do. I got a god damn fucking freedom. I can have the money and stuff. But sometimes, too much isn’t good. I realized that craving for being independent will make you more lonely. Right now, I’m in-front of my laptop typing my shit. I expected too much of myself. I know this is what I want but there’s something missing. Life isn’t perfect, you may get rewarded, but may still have flaws in it.