I love my family

I miss my mom and dad. It has been 2 years since I didn’t celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with them. I didn’t know being an Overseas Worker will give a huge impact about my attachment with my parents. Maybe it’s a part of growing up that I actually want to spend my time with them.

I am not saying that I’m already too old to say these things but I just feel more mature. When I was at age 16, I always want to stay away from them and do my own stuffs: be free, party all night, hang out with friends and just be happy. I realized that what I wanted is a selfish move. Maybe I didn’t understand yet how important to have a family.

Sometimes I feel guilty when I skip to talk to my mom in skype whenever she looks for me. I feel bad that I prefer to be busy and ignore them than to give atleast few minutes to talk and say how’s everything.

My parents are VIP to my life. They are always there no matter what happen, through rain or shine.

I was an avid online gamer that stays infront of my PC for more than 8 hours. Whenever I view myself from the past, I feel sad and at the same time – laughing. I miss my dad every-time he caught me playing games till 3am, I rush to glance in my bedroom. I miss my mom every-time I forgot to do household chores and argue with her. I miss my parents every-time I did something silly and both of them giving me non-stop lecture.

You’re always in my heart. I love you so much. Thank you for all the thingsĀ  that you had done to me. You’re the best gift I ever had in my life.

To my mom: I know you’re talkative, but I think you’re just to overwhelmed and feel blessed to have me as your daughter. To my dad: I know you’re strict, but I think you’re just very careful with your only daughter. To both of you: I love you so much. You’re irreplaceable. Thank you so much for the hard-work and patience. I hope this 2014 will give us another hope, blessings and good health.

For all the people out there, love your family especially your parents. Spend all your time while they are still here. Better to do all the things before it’s too late and regret.

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