You and I Collide – Part 1

April 16.
I had been waiting for so many months to make this trip happen. Everyday, I had been researching thoroughly about the places I am going to visit, hotels and hostels to book in a perfect location, affordable flights and train to keep me connected accordingly and most of all, the people that I am going to meet like friends and family. I make sure that the days of my stay are worth it because I have a limited time to explore the west coast states.

I could say that my April – May trip was successful. Although, there were few bad things happened to me along the way like the guy who offered me a place to stay in LA and tried to touch me (Couchsurfing). Missed my trip to Multnomah Falls because I had a fever in Portland. Broke my phone in Fremont, Seattle the night before the day of my flight to San Francisco. Fell off the bike during my test ride in San Francisco. All of these are charge to experience. We can’t control the time and that’s how the way it is. We just have to accept and move on. Maybe depends on the situation?

April 18.
Twenty five hours of flight from the pacific to the states. Running across the alley of sadness, leaving the busy walks of life in Singapore and trying to find my way up to the serene town of Portland.

It was 12:45 pm when I reached the Oldtown station. As I got off the train, and stepped on the Toynbee tiles, the cold air kissed my cheeks to welcome my arrival. I got so much trouble when I was in LA that’s why I was feeling nervous at every step I made going to NW of Everett St. All I wanted is to reach my destination, and meet my host in Couchsurfing.

At the corner of 4th Ave, I called Michael and informed him that I am already outside of his apartment. I’m feeling shy. scared. nervous. excited. and tired. I was carrying my 65L backpack and I could feel that my backbones were almost breaking. I need to rest and forget all the worries.

Still feeling shy. I was trying to hide while talking to him over the phone telling him that I’m just around. I stepped forward to take a peek at the corner and I saw him looking for me. He was walking along the streets while his voice is getting closer and closer. I finally showed up. Glanced at him, smiled and said: “Hey!”

I feel comfortable. relaxed and free. He’s a very nice guy.

There are things that are bound to have no explanations at all. I met a guy who I never thought I will fall in love with.

—— Last edited 18th of August 2015. To be continued…

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